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Membrane Transporter/Ion Channel

Ion channels are pore-forming membrane proteins whose functions include establishing a resting membrane potential, shaping action potentials and other electrical signals by gating the flow of ions across the cell membrane, controlling the flow of ions across secretory and epithelial cells, and regulating cell volume. Ion channels are present in the membranes of all cells. Ion channels are one of the two classes of ionophoric proteins, along with ion transporters (including the sodium-potassium pump, sodium-calcium exchanger, and sodium-glucose transport proteins)

Products for Membrane Transporter/Ion Channel

  1. Cat.No. Product Name Information
  2. BCN5564 alpha-Spinasterol TRPV1 antagonist; active in vivo alpha-Spinasterol
  3. BCN3763 (-)-Bicuculline methochloride Water-soluble GABAA antagonist (-)-Bicuculline methochloride
  4. BCN2202 Dehydroepiandrosterone Dehydroepiandrosterone
  5. BCN5359 Digoxin Digoxin
  6. BCN2176 Dronedarone Dronedarone
  7. BCN6250 Hispidulin Partial positive allosteric modulator at the benzodiazepine receptor Hispidulin
  8. BCN1749 Hypotaurine Non-selective endogenous glycine receptor agonist Hypotaurine
  9. BCN2325 Nonivamide Nonivamide
  10. BCN2175 Pregabalin Pregabalin
  11. BCN2744 Sarcosine GlyT1 inhibitor Sarcosine
  12. BCC1052 AMG-517 Potent TRPV1 antagonist AMG-517
  13. BCC1058 Lansoprazole H+,K+-ATPase inhibitor Lansoprazole
  14. BCC1083 Cilnidipine Ca2+ channel blocker (dual L/N-type) Cilnidipine
  15. BCC1088 Dynasore Non-competitive dynamin inhibitor Dynasore
  16. BCC1119 Bumetanide Na+/2Cl-/K+ (NKCC) symporter inhibitor Bumetanide
  17. BCC1122 TRAM-34 Potent and highly selective KCa3.1 channel blocker TRAM-34
  18. BCC1182 TAK-438 Blocker of potassium-competitive acid TAK-438
  19. BCC1241 VX-661 F508del CFTR corrector VX-661
  20. BCC1251 Ivermectin Positive allosteric modulator for P2X4 receptor Ivermectin
  21. BCC1288 (+)-MK 801 Potent NMDA antagonist (+)-MK 801
  22. BCC1301 20-HETE Vasoconstrictor in renal and cerebral vasculature 20-HETE
  23. BCC1316 A 438079 P2X7 receptor antagonist,competitive and selective A 438079
  24. BCC1317 A 438079 hydrochloride Competitive P2X7 antagonist A 438079 hydrochloride
  25. BCC1320 A-317491 P2X3 and P2X2/3 receptor antagonist A-317491
  26. BCC1327 Acamprosate calcium Glutamatergic modulator and GABA agonist Acamprosate calcium
  27. BCC1359 Ampalex Ampakine and nootropic Ampalex
  28. BCC1367 AR-C155858 MCT1 and MCT2 inhibitor; inhibits glycolysis in cancer cells AR-C155858
  29. BCC1419 Bitopertin Glycine reuptake inhibitor(GlyT1) Bitopertin
  30. BCC1420 Bitopertin (R enantiomer) Glycine reuptake inhibitor Bitopertin (R enantiomer)
  31. BCC1451 Capsazepine TRPV1 ion channel activator Capsazepine
  32. BCC1559 Esomeprazole Magnesium trihydrate Proton pump inhibitor Esomeprazole Magnesium trihydrate
  33. BCC1560 Etifoxine GABAA receptor potentiator Etifoxine
  34. BCC1561 Etifoxine hydrochloride GABAA receptor potentiator and TSPO ligand; promotes axonal regeneration Etifoxine hydrochloride
  35. BCC1578 Flecainide acetate Cardiac Na+ channel blocker. Antiarrhythmic Flecainide acetate
  36. BCC1660 Istaroxime Na+/K+ ATPase inhibitor Istaroxime
  37. BCC1661 Istaroxime hydrochloride Inhibitor of Na+/K+ ATPase Istaroxime hydrochloride
  38. BCC1663 Ivacaftor benzenesulfonate CFTR Potentiator Ivacaftor benzenesulfonate
  39. BCC1664 Ivacaftor hydrate CFTR Potentiator Ivacaftor hydrate
  40. BCC1676 KB-R7943 mesylate Inhibitor of the reverse mode of the Na+/Ca2+ exchanger KB-R7943 mesylate
  41. BCC1681 KN-92 hydrochloride Inactive derivative of KN-93,control compound KN-92 hydrochloride
  42. BCC1682 KN-92 phosphate K+ channel (Kv) blocker. Inactive analog of KN 93 KN-92 phosphate
  43. BCC1683 KN-93 CaM kinase II inhibitor; also K+ channel blocker (KV) KN-93
  44. BCC1699 Lesinurad URAT1 inhibitor Lesinurad
  45. BCC1725 LY450108 AMPA receptor potentiator LY450108
  46. BCC1726 M2 ion channel blocker M2 ion channel blocker M2 ion channel blocker
  47. BCC1748 Mibefradil Calcium channel blocker Mibefradil
  48. BCC1749 Mibefradil dihydrochloride Ca2+ channel blocker (T-type) Mibefradil dihydrochloride
  49. BCC1751 Miriplatin hydrate Used in lipiodolization for hepatocellular carcinoma treatment Miriplatin hydrate
  50. BCC1770 ML-7 hydrochloride Selective inhibitor of myosin light chain kinase ML-7 hydrochloride
  51. BCC1803 NNC 55-0396 Highly selective Ca2+ channel blocker (T-type) NNC 55-0396
  52. BCC1804 Noopept Nootropic and neuroprotective agent Noopept
  53. BCC1807 NP118809 N-type calcium channel blocker NP118809
  54. BCC1809 NS309 Positive modulator of KCa2 and KCa3.1 channels NS309
  55. BCC1836 PAP-1 Kv1.3 inhibitor PAP-1
  56. BCC1847 Perampanel AMPA-type glutamate receptor antagonist Perampanel
  57. BCC1890 Retigabine dihydrochloride Antiepileptic compound Retigabine dihydrochloride
  58. BCC1914 S0859 NBC inhibitor,potent and selective S0859
  59. BCC1915 Safinamide MAO-B inhibitor Safinamide
  60. BCC1939 SDZ 220-581 NMDA glutamate receptor subtype antagonist SDZ 220-581
  61. BCC1940 SDZ 220-581 Ammonium salt NMDA glutamate receptor antagonist SDZ 220-581 Ammonium salt
  62. BCC1943 Senicapoc Gardos channel and RBC inhibitor Senicapoc
  63. BCC1959 Sodium Channel inhibitor 1 Voltage-gated sodium channel for pain treatment Sodium Channel inhibitor 1
  64. BCC1986 Tariquidar methanesulfonate, hydrate P-glycoprotein inhibitor, potent and selective Tariquidar methanesulfonate, hydrate
  65. BCC1993 Tezampanel AMPA and receptor antagonist Tezampanel
  66. BCC2021 UK-5099 MCT inhibitor; also inhibits of pyruvate transport UK-5099
  67. BCC2036 Vernakalant Ion channel blocker Vernakalant
  68. BCC2037 Vernakalant Hydrochloride Ion channel blocker,investigational antiarrhythmic Vernakalant Hydrochloride
  69. BCC2039 Vigabatrin GABA transaminase inhibitor Vigabatrin
  70. BCC2074 Zosuquidar MDR modulator Zosuquidar
  71. BCC2084 PF-03716556 Selective H+,K+-ATPase inhibitor PF-03716556
  72. BCC2253 Tipifarnib (Zarnestra) Farnesyltransferase inhibitor,potent and specific Tipifarnib (Zarnestra)
  73. BCC2478 Ivacaftor (VX-770) Potent CFTR potentiator Ivacaftor (VX-770)
  74. BCC2503 Ranolazine 2HCl Antianginal, activates pyruvate dehydrogenase Ranolazine 2HCl
  75. BCC2504 Repaglinide Kir6 (KATP) channel blocker Repaglinide
  76. BCC2512 Zonisamide Anticonvulsant, modulates glutamate neurotransmission Zonisamide
  77. BCC2530 Oligomycin A Antibiotic; exhibits anti-tumor activity Oligomycin A
  78. BCC3602 KN-62 Non-competitive P2X7 antagonist KN-62
  79. BCC3625 Tariquidar P-glycoprotein inhibitor,potent and non-competitive Tariquidar
  80. BCC3710 Omecamtiv mecarbil Cardiac myosin activator Omecamtiv mecarbil
  81. BCC3712 VX-809 CFTR corrector VX-809
  82. BCC3760 Dibucaine (Cinchocaine) HCl Dibucaine (Cinchocaine) HCl
  83. BCC3770 Dofetilide KV11.1 (hERG) channel blocker; inhibits rapid delayed rectifier K+ current (IKr) Dofetilide
  84. BCC3782 Furosemide Na+/2Cl-/K+ (NKCC) symporter inhibitor. Also antagonizes GABAA Furosemide
  85. BCC3785 Glipizide Glipizide
  86. BCC3797 Isradipine (Dynacirc) Ca2+ channel blocker (L-type) Isradipine (Dynacirc)
  87. BCC3799 Nilvadipine Ca2+ channel blocker (L-type); also Syk kinase inhibitor Nilvadipine
  88. BCC3849 Riluzole Sodium channel protein inhibitor Riluzole
  89. BCC3854 SB705498 TRPV1 antagonist,potent and selective SB705498
  90. BCC3856 Sodium Orthovanadate Protein tyrosine phosphatase inhibitor Sodium Orthovanadate
  91. BCC3858 Strontium Ranelate Strontium Ranelate
  92. BCC3878 LY335979 (Zosuquidar 3HCL) High affinity P-gp inhibitor LY335979 (Zosuquidar 3HCL)
  93. BCC3881 PTC124 (Ataluren) CFTR-G542X nonsense allele inhibitor PTC124 (Ataluren)
  94. BCC3922 IOWH-032 CFTR inhibitor IOWH-032
  95. BCC4014 (+)-MK 801 Maleate Potent NMDA antagonist (+)-MK 801 Maleate
  96. BCC4045 AWD 131-138 GABAA receptor agonist AWD 131-138
  97. BCC4059 MDL-29951 MDL-29951
  98. BCC4074 Icilin Activates a novel cold receptor. Cooling agent Icilin
  99. BCC4104 GlyH-101 Reversible, voltage-dependent CFTR chloride channel blocker GlyH-101
  100. BCC4123 (R)-Baclofen hydrochloride GABAB receptor agonist (R)-Baclofen hydrochloride
  101. BCC4157 SDZ 220-581 hydrochloride NMDA receptor antagonist SDZ 220-581 hydrochloride

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