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Products for microbiology and virology

  1. Cat.No. Product Name Information
  2. BCN2564 Amphotericin B Amphotericin B
  3. BCN6057 Limonin Limonin
  4. BCN2216 Pimaricin Pimaricin
  5. BCC1071 Biapenem Biapenem
  6. BCC1108 Tenofovir Disoproxil Fumarate Antiretroviral agent( HIV-1 RT inhibitor) Tenofovir Disoproxil Fumarate
  7. BCC1109 Entecavir Hydrate Antiviral drug used in hepatitis B infection Entecavir Hydrate
  8. BCC1160 Doripenem Hydrate Injectable antibiotic,ultra-broad spectrum Doripenem Hydrate
  9. BCC1294 (S)-Tedizolid Antibacterial oxazolidinone against gram-positive species (S)-Tedizolid
  10. BCC1311 5-hydroxypyrazine-2-carboxylic acid Metabolite of pyrazinamide (PZA) 5-hydroxypyrazine-2-carboxylic acid
  11. BCC1360 AN-2690 Antifungal agent AN-2690
  12. BCC1370 Ascomycin(FK 520) Macrolide immunosuppressant,FK-520 analog Ascomycin(FK 520)
  13. BCC1381 Avermectin B1 Insecticide Avermectin B1
  14. BCC1382 Avermectin B1a Antiparasitic agent Avermectin B1a
  15. BCC1383 Avermectin B1b mixture of avermectins Avermectin B1b
  16. BCC1392 Azathramycin Macrolide antibiotic Azathramycin
  17. BCC1428 BMS-663068 HIV-1 attachment inhibitor BMS-663068
  18. BCC1429 BMS-663068 Tris HIV-1 attachment inhibitor BMS-663068 Tris
  19. BCC1522 Delafloxacin Fluoroquinolone antibiotic Delafloxacin
  20. BCC1523 Delafloxacin meglumine Fluoroquinolone antibiotic agent Delafloxacin meglumine
  21. BCC1536 Doramectin Antiparasitic antibiotic Doramectin
  22. BCC1554 Epothilone D Natural polyketide compound Epothilone D
  23. BCC1571 Faropenem daloxate Oral penem,beta-lactam antibiotic Faropenem daloxate
  24. BCC1574 Fiacitabine Inhibitor of HSV DNA replication Fiacitabine
  25. BCC1582 Furagin Anti-bacterial, nitrofurantoin analog Furagin
  26. BCC1602 GS-9620 TLR-7 agonist GS-9620
  27. BCC1637 I2906 Antimycobacterial and cytotoxic agent (mycobacterium tuberculosis) I2906
  28. BCC1669 JC-1 Probe for Mitochondrial Membrane Potential JC-1
  29. BCC1696 Ledipasvir HCV NS5A protein inhibitor Ledipasvir
  30. BCC1698 Lersivirine NNRT inhibitor Lersivirine
  31. BCC1700 Letermovir Novel anti-CMV compound Letermovir
  32. BCC1711 Luliconazole Azole antifungal agent(interdigital tinea pedis) Luliconazole
  33. BCC1727 MAC13243 Antibacterial agent MAC13243
  34. BCC1737 Mefloquine hydrochloride Quinoline methanol antimalarial agent, Mefloquine hydrochloride
  35. BCC1784 Naphthoquine phosphate Antimalarial drug Naphthoquine phosphate
  36. BCC1790 NBD-556 CD4 mimetic; blocks HIV-1 cell entry NBD-556
  37. BCC1791 NBD-557 HIV-1 entry inhibitor,block gp120-CD4 interaction NBD-557
  38. BCC1800 Nifuratel Antibacterial, antifungal, and antiprotozoal compound Nifuratel
  39. BCC1811 Nucleozin Targets influenza A nucleoprotein (NP),cell-permeable isoxazolylpiperazine compound Nucleozin
  40. BCC1825 Oseltamivir inhibitor of influenza neuraminidase Oseltamivir
  41. BCC1826 Oseltamivir acid Influenza neuraminidase inhibitor Oseltamivir acid
  42. BCC1832 Pafuramidine Prodrug of furamidine Pafuramidine
  43. BCC1846 Peramivir Aeuraminidase inhibitor;antiviral drug Peramivir
  44. BCC1878 R-1479 HCV replication inhibitor R-1479
  45. BCC1880 R-7128 NS5B inhibitor R-7128
  46. BCC1882 Radezolid Novel oxazolidinone antibiotic agent Radezolid
  47. BCC1897 Rilpivirine Inhibitor of next-generation nonnucleoside reverse transcriptase Rilpivirine
  48. BCC1917 Salinomycin sodium salt Antibacterial and coccidiostat ionophore therapeutic drug Salinomycin sodium salt
  49. BCC1962 SQ109 Antibiotic for treatment of pulmonary T SQ109
  50. BCC1990 Tedizolid Oxazolidinone for gram-positive infections Tedizolid
  51. BCC2004 TMC353121 Potent RSV fusion inhibitor TMC353121
  52. BCC2008 Toltrazuril sulfone Antiprotozoal for myeloencephalitis Toltrazuril sulfone
  53. BCC2019 Tulathromycin A Triamilide antimicrobial Tulathromycin A
  54. BCC2025 Valaciclovir Prodrug of aciclovir for herpes virus treatment Valaciclovir
  55. BCC2026 Valganciclovir Antiviral medication Valganciclovir
  56. BCC2031 VCH-916 HCV NS5B polymerase inhibitor VCH-916
  57. BCC2038 Vicriviroc maleate CCR5 antagonist Vicriviroc maleate
  58. BCC2115 Deuterated Atazanivir-D3-1 Deuterated Atazanivir-D3-1
  59. BCC2116 Deuterated Atazanivir-D3-2 Deuterated Atazanivir-D3-2
  60. BCC2117 Deuterated Atazanivir-D3-3 Deuterated Atazanivir-D3-3
  61. BCC2489 Meropenem β-lactam antibiotic of the carbapenem subclass Meropenem
  62. BCC2496 Linezolid Antibiotic; inhibits protein synthesis in gram-positive bacteria Linezolid
  63. BCC2500 Tenofovir Reverse transcriptase inhibitor Tenofovir
  64. BCC2510 Marbofloxacin Fluoroquinolone antibiotic for veterinary use Marbofloxacin
  65. BCC2527 Cefaclor Cephalosporin antibiotic inhibiting cell wall synthesis. Cefaclor
  66. BCC2546 Cidofovir Anti-CMV drug;inhibitor of viral DNA syntheis Cidofovir
  67. BCC2557 Aztreonam Aztreonam
  68. BCC3675 Maraviroc Selective CCR5 antagonist Maraviroc
  69. BCC3718 Albendazole Albendazole
  70. BCC3722 Arbidol HCl Antiviral chemical agent Arbidol HCl
  71. BCC3737 Bexarotene Potent and selective RXR agonist Bexarotene
  72. BCC3747 Cefdinir Cefdinir
  73. BCC3748 Cefoperazone Cefoperazone
  74. BCC3755 Clotrimazole Cytochrome P450 inhibitor; antifungal Clotrimazole
  75. BCC3763 Didanosine Didanosine
  76. BCC3774 Emtricitabine Emtricitabine
  77. BCC3775 Enoxacin (Penetrex) Enoxacin (Penetrex)
  78. BCC3778 Ethionamide Anti-tuberculosis antibiotic Ethionamide
  79. BCC3780 Flucytosine Flucytosine
  80. BCC3801 Lamivudine Nucleoside analog reverse transcriptase inhibitor Lamivudine
  81. BCC3820 Nevirapine Nevirapine
  82. BCC3825 Nitrofurazone Nitrofurazone
  83. BCC3829 Olsalazine Sodium Olsalazine Sodium
  84. BCC3836 Pentamidine Drug to treat protozoal diseases Pentamidine
  85. BCC3859 Sulfadiazine Sulfadiazine
  86. BCC3862 Telbivudine Telbivudine
  87. BCC3865 Terbinafine Allylamine antifungal agent Terbinafine
  88. BCC3882 Dapivirine (TMC120) Nonnucleoside reverse transcriptase inhibitor Dapivirine (TMC120)
  89. BCC4033 Tilbroquinol Tilbroquinol
  90. BCC4046 Ledipasvir acetone Ledipasvir acetone
  91. BCC4047 Ledipasvir D-tartrate Ledipasvir D-tartrate
  92. BCC4050 BAY 57-1293 HSV helicase-primase inhibitor BAY 57-1293
  93. BCC4051 Valacyclovir hydrochloride Valacyclovir hydrochloride
  94. BCC4069 Delavirdine mesylate Non-nucleoside reverse transcriptase inhibitor Delavirdine mesylate
  95. BCC4092 Cefoselis β-lactam antibiotic,broad spectrum Cefoselis
  96. BCC4093 Cefoselis hydrochloride Cefoselis hydrochloride
  97. BCC4094 Doripenem Doripenem
  98. BCC4095 Cephalexin hydrochloride Cephalexin hydrochloride
  99. BCC4096 Cephalexin monohydrate Cephalexin monohydrate
  100. BCC4106 CMX001 Broad spectrum antiviral drug CMX001
  101. BCC4128 Merimepodib Merimepodib

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